Community manager


”Bring your community to life”

The goal of community management is to provide you with active and effective social media networks which also account for your objectives and business sector.

In an increasingly connected world, it’s essential for a businesses to maintain a social media presence in order to increase their visibility.

As a Community Manager, our role is to increase the size of your online community, whilst also solidifying it and ensuring that users are more reactive to your posts and publications.

In order to do this, we develop an editorial line, derived from your social media strategy. This emphasises and optimises your identity as a business so that you can be rapidly recognised by your target audience.

As a community manager, Mouse Coach takes your unique editorial line for your social media channels and integrates it into an editorial calendar, and also takes responsibility for the posting of each post or publication.

All activity is agreed upon in close collaboration with you, the client, taking into account your wishes and needs, as well as the specifics of your business sector.

This media communication plan can also include recommendations relating to social media advertising (such as Facebook ads) which have proven extremely effective in generating increased visibility for many businesses.

Community manager


Our goal?

To increase and solidify your online community whilst also increasing the rate of interaction with with users.


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