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Digital strategy

These days, the internet is an essential tool for every business. But in order to harness the full potential of the internet, a digital marketing strategy needs to be established.

Put simply, this is a plan of action covering your digital media, which is then implemented in order to achieve certain objectives.

With digital tools in a state of constant evolution, it is essential to know what each of them can bring to a specific business, and how.

In order to develop your digital strategy, it is first necessary to index your website, and to audit your use of social media.

Audit & SEO

Mouse Coach can support you in the preparation of your digital strategy, so that you can improve your natural indexing and hence increase your visibility on the internet.

A SEO audit of  your website’s indexing is a pre-condition for any modifications to your website. It will deliver recommendations that you can implement on your website in order to improve your positioning in search engine results. Under this audit, keywords that generate the best traffic both in terms of quality and quantity can be identified and then included in  the content of your webpages.


Digital strategy

A diagnostic of your site will include several different steps:

Analysis of statistics provided by Google Analytics

This step is only possible if the Google Analytics tool has already been implemented on your website.

Technical Audit of your Website

This involves analysing the performance of your site (speed, tags, titles, images).


Audit of individual pages

This step allows us to breakdown and analyse each page in terms of titles, tags, images, meta-descriptions…

Audit of keywords


After you have provided us with a list key words which best represent your business, we will rank and evaluate them. Afterwards, we evaluate your position and those of your competitors for each of these keywords (as well as any additional ones identified by Mouse Coach). This enables us to develop a Competition Audit for your business, so that you know where you are positioned relative to the rest of the market.

Audit of Links


We search for internal (internal linkages) and external (backlinks) related to your website. Both of these elements are essential for your indexing.

Following the completion of your SEO audit, a detailed report and a list of recommendations will be provided to you.

Mouse Coach can also help with implementing and following up on the recommendations that emerge from this indexing audit.

We can help optimise your website on several elements:


Auditing of social media presence & provision of social media strategy


An audit of your business’ social media presence is an essential requirement before implementing any changes on your various profiles, even if you are already active in community management.

A full analysis of your social media presence enables us to determine how effective your community management is at present, and how it can be improved 

If you don’t currently make use of social media for your business, Mouse Coach can assist you in deciding which channels to make use of, dependent on your activity, your objectives and your goals.

This audit includes several different steps:


Digital strategy

Definition of target audience

with the help of the “Buyer Persona” model. With your guidance, we will create profiles covering the various portions of your target audience. Based on exact analysis we can then identify their centres of interest, incentives and disincentives… in order to identify what themes will best correspond to their needs as (potential) clients.

Competition Audit

We will analyse the footprint of your competitors on social media in order to understand what editorial line they us, as well as to study their community and understand how they have built it. We can then start to determine how to best present your business so that you stand out from your competition.

Identification of your objectives

These can be qualitative or quantitative, dependent on your preference. They provide us with the guiding principles to follow when creating the ideal editorial line for your business, in conjunction with the themes already identified. Mouse Coach will also provide a SWOT analysis relevant of your social media presence, which will help us to determine which drivers you can make use of.

Audit of your existing social media presence

Your current community and editorial line are analysed in order to decide which of your practices need to be improved or pursued further, and which new ones need to be implemented. We’ll prepare a style guide for you, which will also include recommendations on the recommended frequency of publication and the best days on which to do it.

At the end of of this social media audit, we will have prepared a set of recommendations and a strategic action plan for managing your digital marketing and social media presence. We will tell you which platforms you need to make use of, and what messages you need to convey…

A digital marketing strategy is unique for every business, and it is essential that the social media strategy that you pursue is adapted to your product(s) or service(s). By enlisting the help of a professional, you are helping to make sure that your product or service, your goals and your editorial line are aligned.

We are also available to implement recommendations and carry out day-to-day management of your editorial line as part of our Community Management Services.

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