Website design

“I want a website

that reflects my activity on the web”

In a spirit of partnership and close collaboration, Mouse Coach takes time to listen to you and supports you professionally and strategically in the creation or redesign of your website.

An Internet website is an indispensable communication tool in today’s world.

A website is a must to promote and increase the value of a company, a project or a service offer. It spreads the image of your project or company, it is therefore crucial to have a relevant, easy-to-browse and up-to-dated content.

Mouse Coach will walk you through all the steps of your website design in line with your preferences and your needs, while providing you with the best advice in order to ensure that you will have a website that is easy to use.


Mouse Coach offers a step-by-step precious help, in website creation. This means:

  • Defining your objectives, your positioning, evaluating your already existing competition and refining your expectations. This step is achieved through regular meetings in order to take the necessary time to properly define all your website criteria.


  • This will be followed with the choice of the graphic charter, the template, the hosting, the sitemap, the creation of external links, SEO.… Take advantage of the expertise of Mouse Coach in order to save your precious time!


  • Once the structure is in place, Mouse Coach will also advise you on the content, the pictures, will guide you for the selection of information, the use of the most efficient keywords that increase the visibility of your website… This stage is important in SEO, that’s why we work it in detail with you.


  • Finally, during the technical setup (hosting, choice of formats and templates…) Mouse Coach will select for you the most relevant and adapted options according to your situation and tastes.


Once the site is completed with Mouse Coach, you will become autonomous, able to modify and update the content of your site according to your needs and wants. Unless you prefer to entrust us with the ongoing maintenance of your site. In that case we will establish a maintenance contract, updating your website to match your needs to the closest.


Why choose Mouse Coach?

  • Offers a real tailor-made and professional partnership throughout your website project.
  • Is committed to respecting your deadlines and your budget in complete transparency.
  • Remains at your disposal throughout your website design in order to provide a proactive, innovative and perfect solution.