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Website creation

For today’s businesses, a website is now a necessity. Online visibility, whether via an e-commerce site, a showcase site, or a detailed corporate page, is essential. A presence on the internet not only allows you to have a truly professional image and to reach a larger public, but also opens up an infinite number of possibilities for your business.

At Mouse Coach, each website is personalised according to your needs, your sector and your budget.

We offer our clients the choice between different types of web site.

Using our step by step methodology, we can create a personalised website that meets all of your needs.



Website design

Showcase site

Merchant site



Corporate website

Website design

Website optimisation

In addition to building websites, Mouse Coach can also help you with optimising your existing site.

Optimisation is essential in order to both continuously improve your site and also keep it up to date. This helps you to attract traffic, and as such, to generate more sales or hits, according to your needs and activity.

Optimisation of a website includes a few different aspects:

  • Optimisation of natural indexing (SEO), with the use of keywords, internal linkages, back links…
  • Optimisation of the technical portions of your website, for example display speed, inclusion of responsive design…

Website redesign

If your website requires a radical overhaul, Mouse Coach also offers website redesign services.
Such a redesign will mean changing the content as well as the design and navigation of your website.

In a way of speaking, this is a complete renovation of your website.

You no longer like the the design of your website?
You don’t think its easy to navigate?
Your content isn’t properly optimised?
A redesign can solve these problems and many others.

Website design

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